Chef reviews "Chef" Movie

I love that people are still turning their attention to the Culinary World. Tv shows like Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Kitchen nightmares, even if is just a little taste of the ocean of stories lived in a professional kitchen. Pressure, adrenaline, sweat, tears and blood, daily components of the Chef's life.

A few days ago, I watch the movie Chef, the plot had a very close resemble of what I had heard before. 

The control over the artist:

"do what works"

"my money, my kitchen"

"I just want to cook good food"

"I lost my passion in the way"

I actually know a very Talented Chef, that changed a very opulent and glamorous kitchen in Las Vegas, for a taco Truck.  Eventually he went back to work in a restaurant, but you can see as long as you have passion, a Chef just needs his knife and a source of heat.

My favourite part of the movie was when he shouted at the food critic, in real life, I haven't heard that happening. I have imagine doing it myself, shouting "heartless frigid bitch" (to a food writer from a well known news paper in London). After my ego healed I accepted there was room for improvement but as well, not to take seriously what in her opinion was a very poor meal. Because her opinion is based on her perception of the world. Come on! Hibiscus Restaurant is still in the top of London! Two Michelin Stars and I can tell you I was not impressed by the food at all. I don't see how smoked oil in every dish and burping chemicals 12 hrs later can be consider a great meal!!!

Going back to the movie... The way back from Miami to LA for me was a bit boring, too good to be true. The kid was the networking hero, no big dramas? No real problems, like: we run out of vegetable oil, the ventilation is not working, the water is not running, the fridge stop working; things that happen everyday in any professional kitchen, even if is a little truck!

In general the movie was entertaining and not too far from reality. In my opinion Jon Favreau did a great job performing as a Chef. He looked the part, I can believe he likes food and he likes to eat. I enjoyed his performance and read somewhere he is actually planning to open his Cuban sandwich shop. WORST CHEF MOVIE PERFORMANCE:    The worst I've seen is Katherine Heigl in the movie New Years Eve. She could've go to a culinary class just to play the part, just film 10 seconds of her chopping something. Yeah! Right! the "Executive Chef" of a Celebrity Catering company is going to be having time to be chopping something! The way that scene was directed and written is just offensive for all the hardworking women that leave their personal life when they put their uniform. Making a "sexy female Chef" just because it looks better, is disrespectful for  the uniform and all the woman who bravely don't wear making everyday to go work.  For my darlings who are not in the industry, (and have the long term dream of opening a restaurant) please don't believe everything about it. If you have a dream to suddenly open a restaurant or buy a food truck, I will recommend you, not to leave your job, before you get your hands dirty in a kitchen or serving people. Having a restaurant is as glamorous as running a show in the circus. We serve and entertain, but the blood, sweat and tears stay behind the curtains.  

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